Invite New Members

Facilitate collaboration by inviting new members to your Slidebeast workspace, enhancing teamwork and data management.

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Follow the steps below or watch the video to add a new member to Slidebeast.

1. Click your Profile menu on the left.

2. Account Settings -> Users -> Add New User.

3. Enter the user's e-mail, choose their role. (Viewer: Read Only, Editor: Limited Accessibility, Admin: More Accessibility, Owner: Full Accessibility)

4. Choose the Workspace, you can add a user to multiple workspaces.

Upon adding a user, an activation email will be dispatched. However, if needed, you can easily re-send the invitation by selecting the "Actions" button on the User's page. Furthermore, from the same menu, you have the option to remove the user if necessary. This streamlined process provides convenient control over user management.

If you have any questions about users, chat with us or contact [email protected].

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