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Explore the various user roles and permissions within Slidebeast to tailor access and control to your needs.

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Slidebeast offers 4 types of users:

Viewer: Viewers have read-only access. They can view reports, but they can't create, edit, delete, or manage any content. This includes not being able to see already connected data sources. Viewers are unable to modify workspaces, user access, or billing details. They also cannot invite new users.

Editor: Editors can create, edit, and manage reports, including scheduling and generating public links. They have the ability to handle insights within reports, as well as view connected data sources. However, editors cannot add, delete, or remove access to data sources. They also lack the ability to create or delete workspaces, modify user access, handle billing, or invite new users.

Admin: Admins possess broad control. They can create, edit, delete, and schedule reports, manage public links, and access data source connections. Admins can create or delete workspaces, add, delete, and access data sources, invite or remove users, but they lack access to change billing details or plan cancellation. They can access the plans and billing panel for viewing purposes.

Owner: Owners wield total authority over the workspace. They can create, edit, and delete reports, schedule them, and manage workspaces, data sources, and user access. Owners also handle billing matters, from modification to plan cancellation, and hold access to the plans and billing panel, granting them comprehensive control over all aspects of workspace administration.

Keep in mind:

  • Multiple Owners: It's important to note that a workspace can have multiple owners, enabling collaborative interaction between these roles for effective management.

  • Viewer Access: Viewers are limited to viewing existing reports; they do not have the capability to create new reports within the workspace.

  • Invited Users & Free Trial: Invited users do not have access to a free trial. Any user, regardless of role, will require appropriate permissions to access features and functionalities within the workspace.

  • Plans & Billing Panel: The visibility of the plans and billing panel is restricted to Admins and Account owners only. Among these, only the owner possesses the authority to make changes and modifications to billing details and plans. This ensures that sensitive billing information remains controlled and managed effectively.

Have questions about users and permissions? Contact a representative via [email protected] to get more information!

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