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Generate a comprehensive report using Slidebeast's intuitive tools and customizable features.

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We are more than happy to help you to create your first Slidebeast report!

  • After creating your workspace, -or you can always use the default workspace- hit the Create a Report button on the top right, or enter Reports -> All Reports -> Create New Report.

You have the option to either pick a data source type and begin tailoring your report, or you can opt for one of the pre-made templates from your preferred source.

Let's breakdown the reporting into 4 steps:

General & Report Components

  • Type the Report Name and choose the Data Source. (you can always add a new source here)

  • In the Report Components Section, drag and drop the components to your liking. You can also sort them by dragging each component in the panel.

Time Period

Choose the Date Range and Comparison period.

  • If it's a Google Analytics report, enter Event and Goal Matching preferences and type Expressions separated with enter.


  • You can upload your own logo if you are not in the Free plan. It's available for agencies that have the enterprise plan to upload their customer's logos as well.

  • Feel free to choose a color style, add your unique colors, or just simply use our color themes.

  • Make sure you check the preview of your report before pursuing the next step.

In the next step, you can select the number and date formats.

  • Choose the chart type and proceed to the last step.

Send Report

Click 'Create Report' to create (Voila!), you can also save the report as a template.

  • To send the report as an e-mail, simply add the emails by hitting enter for each.

Have trouble with reports? Contact us here at [email protected].

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