• After creating your workspace hit the Create a Report button on the top right, or enter Reports -> All Reports -> Create a Report.

You can either select a Source to start customizing your report or choose one of the pre-made templates of your preferred source.

Let's breakdown the reporting into 4 steps:

  1. General & Report Components

  2. Time Period

  3. Style

  4. Send Report

General & Report Components

  • Type the Report Name and choose the Data Source.

  • In the Report Components Section, drag and drop the components to your liking. You can also sort them by dragging each component in the panel.

Time Period

  • Choose the Date Range and Comparison period.

  • If it's a Google Analytics report, enter Event Option and Goal Matching preferences and type Expressions separated with commas.


  • You can upload your own logo with any plan! It's available for agencies that have the enterprise plan to upload their customer's logos as well.

  • Feel free to choose a color style, add your unique colors, or just simply use our color themes.

  • Make sure you check the preview of your report before pursuing the next step.

  • In the next step, you can select the number and date formats, and choose where to see your insights.

  • Choose the chart type and proceed to the last step.

Send Report

Click 'Create Report' to create (Voila!), you can also save the report as a template.

  • To send the report as an e-mail, simply add the emails by hitting enter for each.

Have trouble with reports? Contact us here at [email protected].

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