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Why Should I Use Slidebeast?
Why Should I Use Slidebeast?

Slidebeast streamlines your reporting process, providing comprehensive insights and customizable templates for effective brand management.

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Slidebeast's main goal? Save you time!

Time is the most valuable asset any website owner has, and every second saved means more time to focus on growing your business. Our mission is to help you get the data you need in a way that’s quick, easy, and intuitive. With Slidebeast, all of your data is collected, processed, and presented in a beautiful format that allows users of any skill level to easily get the information they need. It’s time for you to start getting your data, so you can save your precious time to analyze!


Customizable Reporting

Let Slidebeast visualize your data and build gorgeous tailored cross-channel reports!

Simply select the desired components, order them to your liking and customize your report with your own logo. Use our pre-made templates or save your custom preferences for later.

Automated reporting at its best!


Get all the Metrics You Need

We pride ourselves on creating the most customizable and flexible reporting platform available. With our expansive library of reporting components and simple, drag-and-drop design, you’ll be able to turn your data into rich presentations in no time.

Now you can make your clients happy by automatically sending them beautiful reports every morning including their most important metrics from Facebook, Instagram, and Google Analytics, while sipping your coffee peacefully.

Have further questions about Slidebeast? Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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