We know you’re tired of bloated SaaS software. But, there’s more to that story.

You see, the majority of SaaS platforms are built with an abundance of features, tools, reports, and engagement mechanisms in order to attract customers. However, when your marketing team is on a tight budget and time, these features become a huge burden and overhead to implement. Don't even want to mention the time you spend analyzing everything you have been seeing in your reports!

Slidebeast got your back with its rich content and aesthetic reporting system.

Not only exporting you what you have, but we are also creating meaningful data from your metrics to save you time for your own analysis!

With powerful analytics tools, businesses can keep track of their metrics and make better-informed decisions. That's why we offer reports filled with valuable data and an eye-pleasing design as explained below.


Thanks to the smart containers used in the Slidebeast design, it makes the report design lighter and offers you an elegant visual.


The chart options below that can be used in the reports allow you to customize the reports where applicable;

  • Vertical Bar

  • Horizontal Bar

  • Area

  • Pie


What could be more important than the right data and a solid design for a report?

Tables in Slidebeast reports helping you get the right information without confusion.

On top of these rich metrics, Slidebeast has a theme selection (light/dark), background-color selection, plus, an option to put your own logo!

We have spent a good amount of time thinking about what you might need.

With Slidebeast, it's super easy to compare your metrics between different periods with eye-pleasing customizable designed reports.

Create a report, schedule it and you are good to go for your analysis.

Agreed to save time for analysis? Chat with us, or contact [email protected].

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