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Slidebeast Slide Contents
Slidebeast Slide Contents

Slidebeast slide contents encompass a range of metrics, charts, and insights designed to convey valuable data and information effectively.

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Slidebeast Data Appearance

We understand your frustration with the overwhelming nature of bloated SaaS software. However, there's a deeper aspect to this issue.

It's evident that many SaaS platforms incorporate an excessive number of features, tools, reports, and engagement mechanisms to attract customers. Yet, when your marketing team operates within budget constraints and time limitations, these very features can transform into significant burdens and overheads during implementation. And let's not even delve into the hours spent analyzing the extensive data presented in reports!

Enter Slidebeast โ€“ your solution for comprehensive content and visually pleasing reporting.

We go beyond mere data exportation. We delve into your metrics to extract meaningful insights, thereby saving you valuable time for your own in-depth analysis!

Slidebeast Facebook Report Overview Page

With powerful analytics tools, businesses can keep track of their metrics and make better-informed decisions. That's why we offer reports filled with valuable data and an eye-pleasing design as detailed below.


Slidebeast Google Analytics Report Product List Performance Page

Thanks to the smart containers used in the Slidebeast design, it makes the report design lighter and offers you an elegant visual.


Slidebeast Google Analytics Report Interests Page

The chart options below that can be used in the reports allow you to customize the reports where applicable;

  • Vertical Bar

  • Horizontal Bar

  • Line

  • Area


Slidebeast Google Analytics Report Product List Performance Page

What could be more important than the right data and a solid design for a report?

Tables in Slidebeast reports helping you get the right information without confusion.

In addition to these comprehensive metrics, Slidebeast also provides theme selection (light/dark/glowing blue), custom color options, and the ability to include your logo as well as your customer's!

We have spent a good amount of time thinking about what you might need.

With Slidebeast, it's super easy to compare your metrics between different periods with eye-pleasing customizable designed reports.

Create a report, schedule it and you are good to go for your analysis.

Feel free to chat with us or get in touch at [email protected].

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