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Instagram Report Sections
Instagram Report Sections

Enhance your Instagram reporting using Slidebeast's dedicated sections, ensuring clear and impactful presentation of social media insights.

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The sections in reports help the data to be organized and classified with similar metrics. You can choose the sections you want to include in reports in the report creation interface.

Create Instagram Full Report Wizard Step 2: Report Sections


Instagram Section List


The first section of the Instagram report. Made out of 5 different slides. As its name suggests, this section acts as an overview of the period.


From follower growth to Demographics, 3 slides to cover all about follower performance.

Impressions & Reach

The impressions & Reach section of the report focuses on metrics that are vital to understanding how organic or paid campaigns are performed. 4 slides.

Profile Activity

Profile actions are key to understanding how the audience interacts with the brand besides the posts. This section outlines the performance of these actions in 2 slides.


Engagement rate, the engagement rate on reach, videos, save... All things related to posting engagement are here in 4 slides.


These 8 slides focus on anything related to posts, including top-performing posts, time to post, and more.


Story performance focuses on anything related to Stories, including top-performing Stories.


This section focuses on competitor performance.


Insights about a particular report can be found in these slides. Only available on Enterprise package.


The Glossary section of the report is a source for all wordings related to Instagram Analytics.

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