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Transfer Ownership

Transfer your account ownership with out without cancelling your account.

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Transferring Ownership Without Cancellation

You can transfer your entire account to another one with the "Transfer your account" option in Profile -> Account Settings -> Users.

To do that, simply enter Profile from the menu, enter Users from the top tab and click the Actions button near the user you'd like to transfer, and hit Transfer Ownership.

  • You need to add the user first to be able to transfer your account.

  • Only Owners can transfer the account to another user.

  • You may want to change your credit card information before transferring your account.

  • After transferring your account successfully, you will be logged out.

Transferring and Cancelling your Account

You can also transfer your account before the cancellation process if needed.

Please keep in mind that you will be logged out after transferring your account successfully and your account will be permanently deleted.

  1. To do that, simply click the Profile -> Account Settings button in the side menu and hit "Delete Account".

  2. Under the "Transfer Ownership", choose the new user for the transfer.

You will be logged out and your account will be deleted once the process is successful.

We are more than happy to assist in any case if you are not willing to do this from the system. If you want to cancel your account, contact [email protected].

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