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Difference between data sources and unlimited connections

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We would like to give more information about the unlimited connections, included in Professional and Enterprise plans.

To begin, let's delve into the distinctions between connections and data sources.

Presently, connections encompass Instagram, Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4, and Google Ads. Notably, Google Ads is also encompassed within Google Analytics reports, provided they are linked.

Professional and Enterprise plans grant access to all existing connections, as well as those that are forthcoming.

Now, regarding data sources, each data source corresponds to a distinct account within these connections. For instance, having three separate Instagram accounts would translate to three data sources, while the underlying connection remains singular.

This differentiation clarifies the relationship between connections and data sources, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their roles within the system.

Below are the upcoming connections/platforms we are implementing to Slidebeast. Keep in mind that Professional and Enterprise plans will be able to use the sources below, once they are available.

Google Ads (i)
(As a connection)

Google Search Console

Instagram Ads

Facebook Ads

(Connected to Google Analytics)

(Connected to Google Analytics)


X Ads


Linkedin Ads

If you have any questions regarding connections or plans, feel free to contact [email protected].

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