While creating a report, you will need to set the report date range which you can choose from various options in the report wizard, step #3:

You can choose from the frequently used date ranges on the left, or you can set a custom date.

Comparison Periods

Comparison periods help you understand the data more, by letting us compare the similar period data-wise. When entering a pre-defined date range, you would have two options to compare with.

  • Previous Period

  • Previous Year

The previous period compares the data with the previous period. Let's give an example!

For example, a 3-day week or 3-day month (in other words an unfinished week/month) will be compared to the first 3 days of the previous week or previous month. It will not be compared to the previous week/month in its entirety.

Just like this logic, the previous year lets us compare the data with its previous year's data.

If you have any questions about data ranges and/or comparison, simply reach us out at [email protected].

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