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Slidebeast is not just a reporting tool to save massive amounts of time, but a well-thought assistant to take some real actions about your brands or customers.

That's why we are offering a system called Insights.

What's that? I hear you asking.

It all starts with the issue, which could be any sort of problem about your related source reporting. Slidebeast lets your agency enter the issue and the recommendation based on the problem. And that's what we call insight.

Let's give an example; if your bounce rate is higher than your average on your Featured Products page, you might need to consider your page design to make it more focus-friendly for the customers. And whatever your agency is recommending you to do, you can have them all in your Slidebeast reports!

Issue Categories

You need to choose a category when entering new recommendations in order to better explain the purpose of these solutions and to categorize them for the future.

You can find the categories and their descriptions below;


  • Grow your audience: Recommendations about traffic channels.

  • Increase website experience: Recommendations about the on-site behavior of the user who visits the site.

  • Convert users to customers: Lead generation, form filling, and membership solutions.

  • Encourage customers to come back: Recommendations to bring a user, member, or customer back to the website.

Social Media

  • Perfect your corporate identity: Recommendations about using corporate identity in social media, bio, or similar areas.

  • Grow your audience: Recommendations to reach more target audiences and gain followers.

  • Engage with your audience: Recommendations given to better communicate with the current user audience and increase interaction.

  • Convert followers to customers: Recommendations for creating new customers by directing the social media audience to the website

  • Encourage followers to come back: Recommendations for attracting repeat users to your social media.

Slidebeast will help you out with different perspectives when it comes to your brands and social assets. Create a report to see what could be done!

Priorities and Values

Priorities and values are very helpful features when it comes to issues since not everything could be at the same priority level.

There are 3 options for priorities and values for your issues.

Priorities indicate the emergency level of an issue where P1 has the most importance and P3 has the lowest.

P1 / Important: Quick win improvement -Between 0-6 months

P2 / Normal: Medium level importance, or developments that require sources.

-Between 6-12 months.

P3 / Low: Situations where more than one development is required. -Generally needs more than 12 months.

Values indicate the impact of an issue where V1 has the most impact and V3 has the lowest.

V1 / Major: Most valuable by affecting the results.

V2 / Moderate: Most valuable by affecting the results. (Although its value is high, it's one level down due to its cost.)

V3 / Low: Effecting the results less but it's necessary for the best practice. Important for reporting and removing errors.

Questions about insights? Contact our lovely team at [email protected].

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