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Slidebeast Sections

Discover Slidebeast's sections, an organizational tool that enables you to structure and present your data and insights seamlessly.

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Sections in the reports are formed by adding up slides with related metrics. You have the convenience of selecting the specific section you wish to incorporate into your reports.

It's important to note that individual slides cannot be added or removed one by one from the panel. However, due to the nature of the pptx format, you always have the flexibility to make modifications according to your requirements. This allows you to tailor the presentation to your exact preferences.

You can review the sections for each source in the articles below;

Create Google Analytics Full Report Wizard Step 2: Report Sections

The drag and drop feature within the report creation process enables you to arrange and select sections according to your preferences. This intuitive function ensures you can customize the order of sections to suit your needs effortlessly.

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