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Google Analytics Report Sections
Google Analytics Report Sections

Optimize data presentation with Slidebeast's specialized sections for Google Analytics reports, enhancing clarity and impact.

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The sections in reports help the data to be organized and classified with similar metrics. You can choose the sections you want to include in reports in the report creation interface.

Create Google Analytics Full Report Wizard Step 2: Report Sections

Google Analytics Section List


The first section of the Google Analytics report. Made out of 5 different slides. As its name suggests, this section acts as an overview of the period.

Users and Behavior

Made of 6 slides, the Users and Behavior section focuses on major indicators relating to site visitors and their in-site behaviors.


Made of 20 slides, the E-commerce section is the bread and butter of this report as it details how the website generated revenue during a particular period of time. Check-out and Shopping Behavior Analysis included. Only available if Enhanced or Regular E-commerce is enabled.

Traffic Quality

All traffic channels under one roof. Depending on the activity total slides in this section can go up to 24.

Google Ads

The Google Ads section of the report is available only if the Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts are linked. From Ads Audience to Top Campaigns, a total of 16 powerful slides.


The technology section focuses mainly on device (mobile in particular) performances. A total of 6 slides.

Site Content

Site Content is a 7 slide deep dive on how users interact with the content on the website.

Site Search

6 Site Search slides show if users have found what they are looking for through site search.


5 Slides worth of demographical information about your visitors


Top performing countries and cities.

Goal Performance

Specific attention on each Goal, conversions included. The number of slides varies along with the number of goals set.


Top 10 Events in terms of actions and categories.


All the information about your top-performing campaigns can be found in these 3 slides.

Site Speed

Site speed is a crucial component of user experience. These 2 slides provide insights into how the site performed speed-wise in a particular period of time.

Technical Matters

Technical problems, errors, or not sets can be found in this table.


Insights about a particular report can be found in these slides. Only available on Enterprise package.


The Glossary section of the report is a source for all wordings related to Google Analytics.

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